The team

Kim Morgan-Jones (20s-30s Strategy Team Leader)

We are entering an exciting phase for 20s-30s work across the diocese and it is a privilege for me to lead the Acceler8 team as they help to shape this.

Over the past few years I have been involved in the Diocese’ 20s-30s Leadership Development Scheme whilst I was in post as the Youth Worker at St Paul’s Church Stockingford. As well as receiving valuable leadership training, the scheme gathered 20s-30s from across the diocese to meet together for support and encouragement. I was personally very encouraged by the scheme and saw first-hand the value of investing in this age group.

In October 2014 I was asked to co-ordinate the Leadership Scheme. A highlight of this role has been seeing the potential that 20s-30s have in different areas of church life and being able to encourage their participation in this. The Acceler8 Project will continue this work by encouraging more young adults in more churches to love Jesus, support and disciple each other, use their gifts in church effectively and to help enable their churches to grow. It is an exciting time for the Acceler8 team and we are looking forward to all that God will do.

Beks Rothnie (Development Leader)

Urban Hope, Coventry

I'm based at Urban Hope, a fresh expressions Church of England fellowship that meets in Coffee Tots in City Arcade in Coventry. I have been a member of Urban Hope since May 2014.

I have been a Christian since the 80s, having grown up in the church and have worked in churches in a variety of paid and voluntary roles and locations across the UK.

I am passionate about people meeting God in a real and relevant way so they don't remain the same.

Mark Seabourne (Development Leader)

St. Nicolas Church, Nuneaton

I became a Christian in my late 20s following years of confusion, depression and strange beliefs. Following a breakup and a move to Leamington Spa where I knew no one, I joined many social groups, including a Christian 20s and 30s group. I went for friendship but came out with the best relationship there is – a relationship with Jesus Christ.

This led me into a real transformation and I started to find joy in sharing the Gospel, praying for people and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.

As I came to faith in my 20s, I am passionate about reaching people in this age range. The 20s and 30s group provided me incredible discipleship which I am so grateful for. There are a lot of young people in the parish of St. Nicolas, Nuneaton; many of whom are poor or in unstable lifestyles. I’m privileged to help play a part in showing them God’s love and calling them to salvation.


The Rev'd Vikki Bisiker (Development Leader)

St. James' Church, Southam

Before being ordained, I ran a murder mystery and mediaeval banquet company, and I then subsequently worked for CPAS with the Ventures & Falcon Camps department supporting volunteer leaders of Christian children and youth holidays. It was whilst working at CPAS that I felt God nudge me into ordained ministry. I trained at St Mellitus...there seems to be a recurring theme here within the Acceler8 team! I loved being there and seeing such a diverse range of people with amazing gifts serving God in a variety of communities. Because of my own journey and experience, I’m committed and passionate about people coming to know Jesus and seeing lives changed because of this personal relationship.

Alongside parish ministry at St James’, Southam, I co-lead the Southam Deanery Mission Team. Our context is rural and part of the team’s passion is how the churches can work together and support each other whilst being geographically challenged! The market town of Southam and some of the surrounding villages are growing rapidly with new housing estates and so our churches have amazing opportunities for outreach and to build relationships with all age ranges. There is some brilliant work being done by the church in the local schools and I’m looking forward to working with teams to develop and extend these relationships with the parents and carers of the youngsters and seeing people of all ages worshipping together in our rural churches.

Luke Thomas (Development Leader)

St. Michael's, Budbrooke

I am based in a thriving charismatic Church of England church just outside Warwick in the beautiful village of Budbrooke. With my wife Lou who is the youth and children's leader at the church we really feel God has been stirring within us a heart for mission and living a missional life both through her work with the young people and my work with the young adults.

Coming from a youth work background I'm so excited to be stretched and challenged as I step into this new part of my life, and am unbelievably excited to see how God is going to use the 20's-30's across Warwick to really bless and grow his kingdom here.

I know God has some amazing things planned for the young adults across Warwick and across the diocese, and am so blessed that I can be a part of that work that he is doing. 

Fr Stephen Parker (Development Leader)

St. John the Baptist, Leamington Spa

I am the interim minister at St John the Baptist, Leamington Spa exploring what a catholic expression of mission to the 20/30’s age group looks like, with a particular focus on the use of the Sacrament of Confession.

The early anglo-catholic movement within the Church of England was primarily a missional movement in the poorest areas of our country. Bishop Frank Weston said at the 1923 Anglo-Catholic Conference that “you cannot claim to worship Jesus in the Tabernacle, if you do not pity Jesus in the slum.” Those words have deeply resonated with me during my journey of faith.  From them has grown a deep interested in the way in which we live out our lives as disciples of Christ; not solely in the context of Sunday worship but in our day to day goings on.

Fr Dexter Bracey (Development Leader)

St. John the Baptist, Coventry

I am the Rector of St John's Church in the centre of Coventry. Before coming to Coventry, I was a parish priest in Swindon, and before that curate of a parish in Torquay. Before ordination, I had a selection of jobs, but didn't last very long in any of them! Eventually, I had to give in and seek what it was that God was calling me to do. 

St John's is a parish which has both many younger families resident in the parish, and a growing number of students, so I am looking forward to discovering the diverse needs and concerns of different communities. In my experience of ministry thus far, I have become very aware that in many places there is a lack of confidence in sharing the faith with younger generations. I'm therefore grateful that I now have the opportunity to invest some time in seeking to share the Gospel with young adults, and I'm keen to draw on the riches of the Catholic tradition in doing so. It is interesting that there is a rediscovery of tradition among some younger adults, and the traditional Anglo-Catholic part of the Church of England has been good at nurturing young vocations in recent years. It strikes me that in a world where so much is ephemeral and commercial, there is a hunger for faith and truth which draws on the wisdom of many generations. As a traditionalist parish, we seek to inhabit our inherited tradition in a way that is creative and attractive to those who are seeking beauty, goodness and truth, and we must grow in confidence in giving an account of the hope that is in us through our faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Neil Masih (Development Leader)

St. Paul's, Foleshill

I feel it's God's calling that I have been placed to lead people to discipleship in a church that I have been part of all my life. St. Paul's Church is based in the North of Coventry within a diverse community and church congregation.  

Having worked in various setting including schools, colleges, training and the volunteering sector in roles as a tutor, careers adviser and in recruitment I hope to use my skills to engage people into church life and Christian faith. This is an exciting opportunity to attract those in their 20s and 30s particularly those from the Black, Asian and Minority groups. With new housing emerging in the area my vision is to make people aware of what is happening in church and how God can be a constant help through Christian faith, which is something that I can relate to.

I pray that the Acceler8 role allows me to bring people to Christian faith whilst also allowing my faith to grow stronger, wider and deeper!