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Tuesday 4th May 202113:00Coventry North chapter
Wednesday 5th May 202111:30Alcester chapter
12:00Rugby chapter
Tuesday 11th May 202119:00Coventry East DMPC
Wednesday 12th May 202100:00Warwick and Leamington DMPC
12:00Fosse chapter
Thursday 13th May 202113:30Coventry East chapter
14:00Glebe Committee meeting
Monday 17th May 202119:00Making Space gathering
19:30Coventry North deanery synod
Tuesday 18th May 202117:30Bishop's Council
Wednesday 19th May 202112:00Rugby chapter
Monday 24th May 202100:00Warwick and Leamington deanery synod
19:30Everyday Faith: Conversations
Tuesday 25th May 202109:30Cathedral Chapter meeting
19:30Shipston deanery synod
Thursday 27th May 202116:00Warwick and Leamington chapter
4pm if by Zoom, 12.30pm if in person
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