Whole Diocese

The mission purpose of the Diocese of Coventry is “worshipping God, making new disciples, transforming communities”. With an emphasis on reconciliation, Bishop Christopher has described the working out of this statement across the diocese as seeing:

“The reconciling love of God in Jesus Christ manifested in Christian Communities that worship God, make new disciples and transform the communities around them.”

To achieve this and associated church growth, the diocese has already agreed a strategy which focuses on the development of the 8 Essential Qualities (8EQ’s), identified by Natural Church Development (NCD) principles, across all aspects of church and diocesan life. These principles have identified that where all of the 8EQ’s are strong in churches and worshipping communities, they will become healthier, flourish, and grow.

However, the diocese is a complex entity which reaches out to all the people of Warwickshire and Coventry in its Mission Purpose through a number of bodies and organisations, not just churches. Whole Diocese is therefore an integrated strategy for the diocese which, while recognising the individual distinctiveness of each member of the diocesan family, has identified a number of priorities which will form the focus for the allocation of diocesan resources including, people, money and prayer.

The Bishop’s Council has endorsed these six shared objectives:

  • Making the gospel known throughout the Diocese so that people become followers Christ.
  • Strengthening the health of churches and organisations across the Diocese in the 8 Essential Qualities (8EQs) identified by NCD.
  • Enabling the wellbeing, development and flourishing of clergy and lay people across the Diocese.
  • Equipping the whole Diocese for the work of reconciliation.
  • Promoting life-long Christian education across the Diocese.
  • Delivering positive community transformation.

The Whole Diocese includes:

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Chaplaincies
  • The Cathedral

These are served and equipped by:

  • The Bishop with his staff, council and synod;
  • The Diocesan Board of Finance;
  • The Diocesan Board of Education (of which Academy Trusts are part);
  • Together for Change.