About the BCDM

Christian discipleship might be likened to a great sandy seaside bay, which we interact with in three ways:

First, it’s a pool which you can paddle in, or go for a swim, exploring the shallows and some of the depths, as well as the rock pools and little coves that fringe it.
Second, once you’ve explored, you might want to be more disciplined and develop your strength and stamina for a longer swim, or to become a life-saver. So there are buoys which mark out a pathway across the bay, from one side to the other to help you to train for the challenge ahead.
Third, so far you’ve really only been on the surface, but below it there are exciting and mysterious depths to explore, and by plunging down you become even more able to extend your strength and stamina.  You’ll need a snorkel and flippers for this part!

BCDM works the same way:

Exploring Discipleship and Mission modules (the Pool) cover a huge range of things and are great ways of just dipping your toe into what’s on offer. You can just do one or two a year if you like, and you don’t have to submit assignments unless you want to (and you can submit them up to 2 years after attending a module if you change your mind). You set the pace, there is no pressure.

Developing Discipleship and Mission modules (the Pathway) focus on key themes that prepare you for a more systematic approach to discipleship and mission, offering an overview of discipleship and mission suitable for those who might be seeking accredited ministry, though not exclusive to them.

Going Deeper in Discipleship and Mission modules (the Plunge) will take you to a more advanced level, looking in depth at issues and biblical texts.


If you want to train as a Reader, BCDM is the place to start.

Please click here to see the page on BCDM Format for which modules fall under which category and information about progression through the programme.

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